Hindi and contemporary discourse has strange chemistry, some never reach here some reach only to be contempt and some overstays here. while nationalism is already a overstaying guest in Hindi Blog world. Feminism is the new kid on the blog. Enthusiastic women running around blog to blog. They will scrutinize the whole content for its gender sensitivity and slam the posts and comments that fails the gender audit. Now its not just one odd Rachna or Sujata, the feminine army is increasing by day. well-wishers notwithstanding fact of the matter is that some bloggers are really annoyed (They got be...Hindi blogworld of Narad era was essentially, some patriarchs supervising the growth of blogger family (sic))

Take this post by Sujata taking the annoyance to a greater height. How dare this girl didn't mind her business (of cooking perfect Roti and button stitching)


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  1. रचना  

    9:13 AM

    thanks masjeevi for highlighting this issue and putting my name there , a link of nari or my blog would be also good