While the pay commission has submitted its report and the wholre report is being studied in thred bare fashion. Now the good bad and ugly face of the report is becoming more and more clear. Two cases gives the contrast very clearly. One is Teachers other is the IAS. Pay commission has appllied the doctrine of parity with private sector top executives for IAS and given them hike of upto 300% (Cabinet sec will now draw 90000 instead of 30000 PM) live mint teachers while for officials like teachers who are more qualified in terms of necessary qualification, as compared to IAS will continue to languish. Pay commission has recommended a moderate stepping up for school teacher.

Mantosh points out that there is frustration among non IAS officers of central government. similary a well aurgued piece in livemint asks more justified hike for teachers-

“The salary differentials have gone very, very high. There are many more opportunities outside, in the IT (information technology) sector and services, or the BPO (business process outsourcing) sector,” said Poonam Batra, professor in the Central Institute of Education, Delhi university"


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