Blog by Amitabh: Beating 786000 is big for small me

Came home from studio after a lively chat NDTV. Thanks to TRP mongering talk went to Big B's blog only, I'll try to post the video soon. Amitabh's blog is a big Hit understandably. He is the biggest celebrity of all time, His blog is a new venture. I've allready written on the topic. What surprised me in this regard is evident from this snapshot:

ScreenHunter_01 May. 02 00.49

If you are surprised to see that such popular keyword like "Blog by Amitabh" is searched on Google and while it shows 786000 entries. But hey look at the entry on 1, the topper. This blog sir/madam. I am delighted, elated and intoxicated, though I know "sab maya hai" but kya maya hai...

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