Brahmin Pride Bites Again: Caste in the Cyberspace


Okay!! I admit that didn't realise that Parshuram Jayanti is anyway significant festival. I'm told it is. Sanjeev Tiwari a 'Brahmin' Blogger from Chhatisgarh reminds the rise of this festival and its relationship with Brahmin Politics of the state. Well written piece actually. Problem is with the under current. Look at this screenshot-

ScreenHunter_01 May. 14 14.55 

Do notice the world 'Ssaale' as prefix to Bahmana. Pride got hurt (Blogger sometime do carry heavy load of ego, otherwise someone travelled through the Maya Politics knows that Sale is actually least offensive, when it come to addressing Brahmins, in Dalit corridors).Well Upadhyayji (apart from Tiwarji and Pandeyji...) commented-

Boss the heading of your post appears in blogvani as saale bamhana. Mind your language. you may be a brahmin who want to be abused but don't abuse others. Shame on people like you who thinks that they are the thekedar of brahmins and they can utter any nonesense.

Will it be sadistic to say that I could not stop smiling... Don't remember wether Upadhyaji commented on "Dubeji Beech wali latrine Saaf kar deejiye" at Mohalla or not.


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