When few hundred bloggers are hunting for newer topics to write on... there are bound to be some really creative and kiddish things to surface. I liked this post from Mamta a lot. This cute post just put forward some interesting names, of real people. Names to be precise nick names gives a very nice account of aspirations and cicumstances of the Hindi belt that is reflected in the names they choose. Here are some names listed there

पप्पू,मुन्नी,गुडिया,बेबी,बबली,गुड्डू,पिंकी,चिंकी, मिक्की,मुन्ना ,चिंटू,चीकू, नंदू,मुन्नू, ढोलक, चुम्‍मु, चिया डिक्‍की, डालर, लारा, भैया, पोप, झुंझन, चक्‍कू, टुकटुकी, संजू, बौआ, बाबु,लाल्टू,टुल्लू,गुर्रन and many others


okay lets transliterate these-

Pappu, Munni, Gudiya, babli, Pinky, Chinky, Mickey, Munna, Cheeku, Nandu, Munnu, Dholak, Chummu, Chiya, Dikki, Dollar, Lara, Bhaiya, Pope, JhuJhun, Chakku, TukTuki, sanju, Boua, babu, Laltu, Tullu, Gurran

Nice work..It became quite a wiki of Nicknames. :))


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