Chirkutai, Dung, Literature and Markhanayi

Okay, it will be tough one to write and yet tougher to read. Many reasons just to explain one... I thought apt title will be Chirkutayi, Leed, sahitya and Markhanyi...! Found difficult to translate. Google translation could translate leed to dung and sahitya to literature but chirkutayi and Markhanayi were left intact, untouched. Guess how difficult it is to report Hindi Blog Posts..especially if we are reporting Azdak, Pratyaksha, Bodhi (Missing Abhay here)

Okay it started with  this post from Bodhi..went to this one from Pramod and This one from Pratyaksha... Fursatiya winked here...then Bodhi Replied back...Pramod re-replied.

Before you get lost in these nested loops, let me make one thing clear..if you are some techie..those boring coders then .hmm...get lost (You won't get a clue) and if you are Hindite like me know what it is..Chirkutai what else. Yes if you are a borderline case or an enthusiast like Ghughuti then it make sense to explain that when we Hindite chirkutise we do bullshit... Hindi being less powerful shit is not bull's it is of Horse or Donkey, so it is leed. And in this Donkey Shit each player want to behave like bull and they sharpen their horns...We are like this only. :0)

Didn't get anything?....I told you so.

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