It is possible to talk erotica in Hindi


Pornography (pornography) means it is talk among two or more individuals about the actions of sex, whether it be in writing, or in the form of photos or film. Pornography is focused on the sexual organs. I am talking about the individuals because sexual relationship can be between man and woman may be, only women or only between men. On the other hand, is the meaning of Erotic, closeness to one another, talk of the relationship, with regard to body or mind, it does not focus on sexual organs. On the other hand erotic may also have explicit of implied talk about sexual relations

(Translation is edited version of Google assisted translation)

Senior blogger/thinker Sunil Deepak in his recent post again dare to touch the untouchable. He analyses the female erotica vis a vis the male eroticism. handling these issues in Hindi blogging is a tough ask, Sunil understands it well that why this advisory

You can understand that the subject of this article is  sex-related and if you consider such things do wrong, please do not read this article.

But reading the whole article is a wonderful experience erotica, pornography, gender sensitivity and the erotica and such issues...if you are interested I'll recommend the post very much.

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