Courtesy Savita Bhabhi: Internet is Evil

Felt like sharing it, not a nice feeling though. Internet is my space for a decade now. Always knew that porn is the most popular content on Internet. Yesterday when I looked for my Google Analytics data I realized that an insignificant post of mine that talk about SavitaBhabhi dot com, an adult graphic story series with explicit content has become all time most popular content of this reporter. Not a nice feeling, considering that SavitaBhabhi is just a month old site and site content is B grade. By no mean content is tasteful. Even if we consider that adult content is in demand, the content at Savitabhabhi is neither sensuous, erotic or tasteful. How come it became the most popular...Scarcity man scarcity.

It is equally important that people are still queuing up to look for Savitas, because a keyword that people come searching is "other sites like SavitaBhabhi". Do I need to mention that Google is such a blockhead...shouldn't they have a better algorithm to send the traffic of these searchers to pages that suits them, rather then my site...I don't mind though :)


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