Ambani is richest in India and among the richest in world, so curiosity regarding his new home is well understandable. Details at Balwinder's Blog are amazing...Crystal, Silver Staircase, blaw blaw...I'm sorry but I can't help remembering the Saddam Husain's palace. Oops..should I feel guilty for this slimily. Should I be treated as traitor..Donno.

Atop six stories of parking lots, Antilla's living quarters begin at a lobby with nine elevators, as well as several storage rooms and lounges. Down dual stairways with silver-covered railings is a large ballroom with 80% of its ceiling covered in crystal chandeliers. It features a retractable showcase for pieces of art, a mount of LCD monitors and embedded speakers, as well as stages for entertainment. The hall opens to an indoor/outdoor bar, green rooms, powder rooms and allows access to a nearby "entourage room" for security guards and assistants to relax.

Anyway here is the video..a capture from some TV report


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