Get Your Free Mobile Blog and Earn Through it

You have a Blog, like I have this one. We all Hindi Bloggers do have one or more blogs. we have a small set of readers as well...but now there is an opportunity to reach out to absolutely new set of readers. these are readers on the move. Now you can have mobile version of your blog.

Mobile version of Hindi Blog Reporter is here.

It looks like this:

ScreenHunter_01 May. 06 18.16


You too can create your own mobile blog. Its simple. Just Click here to reach feedm8 pronounced as feedmate. enter your URL and you get your mobile blog. It will equipped with your content and ads, and you will earn for adclicks, money directly credited to PayPal account or you can choose to ask for a cheque. It is Simple so GET YOUR MOBILE BLOG NOW. Ankit explains the process in Hindi.


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