Hindi Bloggers don't appears to be traveling a lot. Looking at 4 years of Hindi Blogging do not give you many quality posts on traveling. But all this is changing. Manish brings a blog that promise to bring weekly review of the travel posts in Hindi. A truly welcome step. The blog is named "Musafir Hun Yaron" and this week's post is amazing.

The post reviews following travelogues:

Manish takes you to Kerala-Munnar

Vibha in her Chammak Chhalo brings Lahore to you

Unmukt is in Europe-Vienna

Parul is enjoying feast at Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

I fid the whole experiment really every interesting but I fear that it may prove too demanding for Manish. I wish it should be collective exercise. Lets see how it turn out to be:

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