Suresh Chiplunkar and his 'sanghi-saathi' are worried squad..really worried. What are they worried about? About that cute bindiya on the suhagan's forehead. Catch is the suhagan is printed on the pack of Morning after pills. I hope readers are aware of these pills...female contrceptives used after unsafe sex to avoid pregnancy. The best thing is safe sex but in any evantuality morning after pills comes handy..these are OTC medicines. This is whar moral 'sanghi saathi' are worried about. they are worried that soon the bindiya from the pack's woman will dissappear and hostelers and one night stint lovers will hook to this medium and morality will go down the drain...

There are health  issues related to the (same as there are 'scientific' issues with Ramsetu) so its your take...taking girlfriend for an intimate date..practice safe sex (my advice) else join Maathe ki Bindiya Bachao Morcha.


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  1. Suresh Chiplunkar  

    1:15 PM

    Thanks for Interrelating "Ramsetu" with "Contraceptive Pills", as well as typical JNU comment on "SANGHI", but I am not worried about this... you can carry on as so I will be...