Radio Reloaded is content mine for Hindi Bloggers

We all hindi Bloggers are aware that the content which every indian Internet user is looking for is either Hindi MP3 (read music, movies, masti, ringtones etc) or porn. We surely can't give porn on our blogs but surely we can find MP3 for our readers. I think it should not be that difficult. It is just a guess s I'm hardly a music fan.

Looking a little bit here and thereScreenHunter_01 May. 05 16.05 I came across this site. They call it Radio Reloaded. Radio Reloaded can not be compared with Yunus Bhai's Radionama, as Radionama is lot more refined in taste. but sirely Radio reloded is for the contemporary. So if you are looking for latest music (mostly promotinal though) then you should visit. I'll stick to Radionama :)


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