The news will sound a good misic to all Government Employees. It is specially important for Group B,C and even D Class officials. News goes like this:

Relaxation of LTC Rules for Travel to NER (North Eastern Region)

At the initiative taken by the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region and the follow up on the recommendation of the National Conclave to promote tourism in NER held on 16th January 2008 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi,the central government has relaxed LTC rules to allow non-entitled central government employees to travel by Air and conversion of one block of Home Town LTC to LTC for travel to NE States

It implies as the Employees Hindi Blog Karmchari points out that even class IV emplyees like Peon or safai Karmcharis and lowly placed Class III emplyees like LDC will be able to fly with their families with government paying the travel bill. It is to promote tourism in NE. It is also important that this LTC block is probably last one before pay commission which will bring some more changes.


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