Indian Army Killing Civilians ???

Ab inconvenienti, as name suggest is not an easy blogger. There are just two posts from her/him and it is already causing discomfort. take the latest post for example. In AI blog, which is called Sachchai Kuchh Aur hai the latest post is about inconvenient behavior of our armed forces, no we are not talking about Police. Police in all states is equally (ok not that equally) rouge but as 'patriotic' citizen we kept ignoring the fact that our Armymen are not behaving their best for quite some time.

The AI lists many incidents from the past that including murdering civilians in absolutely peace areas usually without provocation. They do it and just kept moving without bothering to respect the rule of law. Small accidents and truck drivers are killed, markets are destroyed..and what not. And before the Chiplunkars come running defending the indefensible, it must be mentioned that we are not referring the Kashmir or North East or any other troubled area of country, we are talking absolutely peace area like Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh.

democracy demands that in name of patriotism, killings by men in uniform can not be allowed.

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