Why Ghosts can Liquidate Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Young Blogger Soumya is learning to drive Hero Puch (not seen it for quite sometime..probbaly discontinued here in Delhi). Soumya is learning to add links in her posts. Whole blog world is closely watching what she is doing next...nice stuff.

In her last post Somya asked innocently are some ghosts out there? And then she went on to tell..they are. Ghosts are busy these days because thier prime work profile is to run coolers for Soumya's aunt. We all were amused. Such nice ghosts...hey why don't they fight elections...Oh!! No they can't after are they are so nice and nice people don't fight elections. Nice ones run Soumya's aunt's cooler :)

Nobody is scarred of these ghosts who run coolers, everyone is happy with living these ghosts, but yes George Bush should be a worried man. If these ghosts kept running coolers without electricity there will be no energy crisis hence no Indo-US Nuclear Deal. So Ghosts can liquidate the deal.

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