I'm Back with School (Time) Games

Never claimed that I'm die hard regular blogger, never been. But skipped blogging for eight days that's unusual for me. It was vacationing...driving, trekking and familying :). Nice (and not so nice) days. Laptop was with me so was Tata Indicom plug in modem, that did not no blogging. But now I am back.

Stumbled upon this post by Vikram Pratap Singh who is a sports journalist, He analyses (though I find the analyses a bit too general and cursory) the sorry picture of Indian school games. Talk passionately about the big infrastructure in other nations at school and college level. Agree!! we need to do more on that front, but my friend don't be that contemptuous about other non international school time games like hide and seek...they don't get you medals but memories they etch do matter.

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  1. बिक्रम प्रताप सिंह  

    4:20 PM

    Hello Sir, Thnx for giving attention on my post but I am Bikram not Vikram.