Yahoo (Glue) presented to you Google Way

Things have changed...if not then at least their packaging have. Tech Crunch's Erick Schonfeld announced in Washington Post a short while ago that the new search product from Yahoo is being launched. In fact it is already here...Yes here I mean India. Yahoo India is what we are talking about. 

Search here is different from earlier one in many respect. I think its more Googalised. Search Page is plain.. clean. No distractions. Results though comes a little slower than Google but are comprehensive. Includes Image, News and other area search.

ScreenHunter_01 May. 09 20.26

It is important that Yahoo came out with this product in India and not US..Its us version will be launched soon as announced. just to mention search works well with Unicode Hindi. Can we ask wether search results are adulterated or they are ads in results atleast?

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