Yes!! call it practical joke or whatever. Kirtish Bhatt is nice cartoonist and blogger. His feed are shown at my webduniya sa well. So it all happened yesterday. For two our kirtish's blog was showered with traffic, unusually large amount of clicks were flooded. later he realised it was Lonely girls who were advertising for her. I do remember leggy beauties around new cars at expo. many of them don't know how to drive..but that is immaterial as they don't have to drice cars but customers (to dealer).

What happened is title of twoo feed getting mixed and महिलाएं और महिलाओं का mixed with अकेलापन and it became महिलाएं और महिलाओं का ...and everyone rushed to rescue these lonely (and probably looking) single girls Ha Ha ha

Look at this screenshot..



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