Ajay Brahamatmaj in the latest post at Chavanni Chap brings an interview with none other than Aishwarya Bachchan. The beauty of this interview is the delicate handling the professional and personal of the celebrity. aish The actress, the daughter, daughter in law and the Wife is reflected with full impact, yet the very feminine self is untouched. Kudos to Ajay for this nice interview.

Not that Ajay leaves Aish unprovoked... soe doubt is surely casted by refering the work in initial movies of Aish as chance granted but Aish is as sharp as she is beautiful to notice and refute it.

Yet the big point of the interview is feel of Aishwarya Rai's relationship with big big family members. Amitabh, the Jaya and the Abhishek... and surely big she is as well... so many bigs at the same dining table atleast once a day as a matter of rule. Big eg sailing smooth. And surely as Hindi Blogger I am happy to hear that they are supposed to talk Hindi at the daily great meal.

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