My official line has always been that celebrity blogs are not blogs theseblogs_pic1 are PR exercises be it Amitabh, Amir or anybody else. But agree that celebrity blogs will be good for Hindi Blogging. We were hoping that Amitabh will start first Hindi celebrity blog but it came from not that tech savvy celebrity...LALU PRASAD YADAV. Ravi informed this latest news to Hindi Blogworld in his latest post.

Lalu is looking forward to act as Neta in SRK movie-

I had told Shahrukh Khan that whenever he is producing a film and needs anyone to do the role of a politician, I am always there. I also assured him that I can do justice to the role, so that a common man is able to relate with a true politician.

Though blog is available in English as well, but can you ever translate Lalu to English..forget it. So to have the real taste of Lalu on net you got to read him in Hindi or still better listen to him in his voice only here.

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