First Thing First here is the video IU found at YouTube of the Controversial Reverse Sweep that is rocking the cricket world



The shot is making already worried bowlers very uncomfortable. If you are not aware then the fuss is about swap hitting that is about changing grip before a bowler bowls thereby becoming left hander to right hander or vice versa. Some says that it is unfair to bowler because he is not allowed to do it without declaring it batsman and umpire.

Hindi Blogger Bikram Pratap Singh points out that it is not against rules and there is no point asking for similar playing rules for batsman and bowlers. Bikram want Peterson's innovation should be welcome change for cricket. I tend to agree.. it may not be sound cricket but with 20-20 sort of things coming to cricket such innovations are bound to appear. I don't think there is much MCC can do or should do in this case.

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