Lively by Google reaching Hindi Community

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 09 15.15 New virtual second life named Lively is interesting. This is taking the social networking taken a step ahead. Sanjay Bengani informs the Hindi Blogworld about the launch of beta version. Google is creating this new platform, but why? How is it different from orkut and other product out there? Well there are odd additions like adding your own room, creating your chat rooms etc etc. But notwithstanding this all my guess is Google is fishing for new inventories of adspace for its advertisers. Unlike blogs and other places the virtual spaces like lively are more likely to be 'real' and hence the leads to advertisers from here will materialize better then the say blogs. The move is certainly an attempt to try the second life of its own by Google.

News and a bad one for Hindi Users is that so far the Google Lively is not supporting the unicode Hindi Characters because as you type and enter the text it becomes ????? question marks.

Full analysis after full feel of the product.

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