Love letter of a Medico: The Witty Code

When Hindi Blogosphere ties to be intellectual (or serious), no matter how well it looks unconvincing. At best it resembles the Amar Singh defending the 'deal'. But we Hindites are their best self when they are informal or satirical. Our own Peeping Pangebaj is doing sting after sting by binging out the love letter series. latest in the series is a loveletter from Medico. We all know of a doctor from Meerut who is referred here, but that later. This doctor writes a letter in his horrible hand writing like any other doctor. The letter itself becomes the Vinci Code. Doctor himself understand that he will not be understood that he writes to her sweetheart to refer the letter to Chemistwala (and mind it he write this instruction too in same horrible handwriting) :))

News of the letter that Arun got is  flashed on Blogworld several helping hands are offered. Finally 106 years old Dr Vidyasagar who runs fulltime charity of reading doc's loveletter finally translates the letter for larger good. Suspense still looms large that whether recipient actually tied knot with the doc or chemistwala (letter is found at the doc's place... how come)

Ha Ha Ha.. Its witty very witty.

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