5 Emerging Trends in (Hindi) Blogging

It all began with this post from Pro Blogger post is actually a video pos.t here it is:

Pro Blogger examines the latest trends in Blogging and trends are decoded to guess a future course. Following five trends are identified:

  • Multiple Author Blogs
  • Multi-Topic Blogs
  • Blogs Converging with Other Types of Sites
  • Portal-Like Design
  • Indirect Monetization
  • We need not mention that here the present trends and future of blogging here actually mean the trends for English language blogging. Now the big issue how much of these trends are applicable to Hindi Language Blogging. And it takes no less than e swami himself to test these trends on the Hindi Blogging Turf. In his post eswami declares that Hindi Blogging is equally trendy, as these trends are visible in Hindi Blogging as well. Eswami also points out that Hindi Bloggers need to come out of their wells to reap fruits of these new trends.

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