Print versus TV :Ethics Stooping Game is On

Ethics...Just to remind there used to be a phenomenon called ethics in a profession called Journalism. Ethics are forgotten long ago and journalist no more exists. Yes there are some employees in the offices (swanky ones sure) who wear tags that calls them reporter or editors but they themselves know well that they are not. they are just content arrangers... sex, violence and superstitions are what they need to arrange..not a tough ask..they are doing it fine.

It is not difficult to guess that these employees too know that they are stooping..themselves and the noun journalism. So they find a way to accuse other medium. Well we are just fine it just the other medium who is stooping that much (We stoop full two inches less) This is what Ravish argued and for an unfortunate change, this time he did badly and unconvincingly. His argument is "..Hey stop accusing just the TV, print is stooping equally" Obviously it is bad argument considering that you can not and should not compare the mediums on that count. So it was not surprising that notwithstanding the stature of Ravish..there were readers out there who opposed the analogy. Anil Pusadkar presented his rejoinder at his blog.

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    Your blog is a very good and commendable effort to present Hindi blogosphere to a wider readership in English.