Now while Malvika at HT reported that someone is blogging the dirty secrets at IPL, the whole net is going awry to find the dirty blog :)-

A blogger, who calls himself IPL anonymous, is digging up dirt on players, owners and coaches. is where the off-pitch action is. The blogger, who claims to be a part of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), could be a player or a crew member. But he’s bringing the aankhon dekha haal from inside the dressing rooms and the bedrooms.

This blog has become a hit in no time. with really dirty yet funny nuances. mandira may (not) mind -

At least Sandy Baddy Babe has a few tricks up her sleeve to distract the viewer from what she says.

Anyway the Cricket league is forced to rely on these non cricketing stuff afterall rain isn’t allowing much cricket otherwise.

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