Pratik informed by an email today that  is providing bal to ball coverage, scores, news and views on IPL world in Hindi. Now that is quite a news because despite all threadbare coverage including from fakeplayer, Hindi world was forced to digest the firang version. Till now I am not sure if it is venture of Pratik himself or Pratik just announced it but it is important nonetheless. It is however saddening that due to discriminatory policies of adsenses regarding language, IPLKhabar is not getting paying adsense revenue but showing public service ads only thereby making this venture commercially unviable. Hope Google will get wisdom soon.

I’ve not tested the ball to ball coverage aspect that I will today when my dear Delhi daredavil will meet the facinating Deccan Chargers today. If IPLKhabar is taking pains to do the ball to ball coverage in Hindi by itself then it is big big thing and they deserve good revenue from it, may be they should head to non google ad services.

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