In a latest panga, Pangebaj Arun withdrew his post after the legal patriarch of Hindi Blogosphere Dineshji advised in strangely worded mail to Arun. Arun’s original post which is still available to web world , Net do not forget things easily!!

Whole thing is about annoyance to  the way legal fraternity is addressing the Kasab episode there wasn’t anything against Dineshji except a veiled sarcasm for lawyers. Lawyer friend Dinesh reacted with an email that on first reading is concern and advice but closer readings suggests otherwise. It was advised that if post is not removed Arun is likely to face judicial music, with judges being sold two a penny, Arun succumbed and now post is not available at his blog.

My understanding is that by removing the post still making the email public what Arun has done is nothing but what he is best in…taking panga. He is not scared as some suggesting but is actually blowing the bigul hard. Episode is far from over.

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