Irfan debate is still inconclusive......

whole hindi blogging world with whatever little might it hold is debating and debating hard, and it is debating that age old issue of communalism ( yes it still matters to them...old notions of nationality, language, communalism, imperialism...and so many isms that most of us stopped worrying about) Yes these filthy hindiwalas are worrying about Irfan symbolic muslim of hindi blogosphere. Mohalla started the whole thing and Dhurvirodhi , Pratyaksha , Abhishek , all joined with more then one post each, add ton loads of comment to the volume....a grand narrative of Irfaan is already there. And what not those who refused to be drawn, include me, into the ring were also scolded. So thoughit is declaired dead, then declaired revived, authority of declairing dead questioned. So it can be safely is very much on. Fursatiya came up with sensible and touching own story of 'his' Irfan.

दीवाने हो भटक रहे हो मस्जिद मे बु्तखानों में........."लेकिन घटनायें जब इतिहास/ स्मृतियों में दर्ज होती हैं तो उनमें भुनभुनाहटें/ कसमसाहटें नहीं दर्ज नहीं होतीं। वहां सिर्फ़ यही रिकार्ड हो पाता है कि कौन डटा रहा, कौन पलट गया ...................

.........................मुझे तो लगता है कि सच तो यह है कि सांप्रदायिकता किसी समुदाय में नहीं वरन व्यक्ति में होती है। कोई मुसलमान सांप्रदायिक जब हिंदुओं से निपट लेगा तो वो अपने यहां शिया-सुन्नी, अंसारी- सैयद के दंगे में मशगूल हो जायेगा।

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  1. आत्म-निर्झर  

    9:45 PM

    It's very funny though...

    A nostalgic incident; I remember in 1992, when lot of students were protesting against the goverment's reservation act for deprived people, during those days something happened, which i think is related to these "ifran type notions in people" too.

    I asked my mother that I want to join the crowd to show my concerns against the new law (I was a young kid at that time filled with lot of enery, zest and zeal). My mother asked me that why I want to do this. on that I said, "we are getting deprived of our rights... bla bla..." ( whatever I heard from friends who were in college at that time...My mothers said, " should do your work and the best will automatically come to you". I with no brain or with giving little thought on 'whether I should really do this or not'; I with lot of charge.. said to my mother..."maa ham deewaaron par badaa badaa likh deinge "KRANTI" ... :) mother again asked me a simple question; "what will happen after that" me ..I didn't had any answer to this at that moment.

    Still it's the same story, When I want to express my views in the favour or against something like "Ifran saga".. I really can't think of anything...And I guess most people are like me only...They want to express something, they show their energy, they pro or against "Ifran Saga"....but .... :(

    {Just for your info I was not the part of the crowd in 1992}.

    Ripudaman Pachauri