Important characteristic of linguistic identity on Blogosphere is the fact that while earlier (prior to the happening of the discourse on the linguistic identity in Blogosphere) by very nature linguistic identity included common space sharing (in terms of geographical proximity), in virtual space, it is not the case. Cyber space is not physical space, though a reference to a common individual historical space can not ruled out. For instance, the most important hub of Hindi blogging-Narad-has moderators from all around the globe. Many of them have actually never met each other, however, the physical distance has never been detrimental to the collective vision sharing of Narad amongst its moderators.

A look at demography of blogosphere in general is intresting look at the following diagram for instance in oct 2006. It is intresting that Hindi is amongst other 5% and is far far away from getting to even 1% figure. But I'm sure it is picking up.

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