Bloggers always wanted to have the freedom of writing posts and then go to sleep with froodom of post getting published and their chosen time while they are still sleeping. Not a big thing... bloggers in English always had this option atleast in wordpress. But that was never the case for Hindi Bloggers especially for those with blogger. Problem pertains to uniqus nature of hindi blogging where it is dependent on aggregators for readers and not on search. So while scheduling meant time stamp was the desird one but actuaaly the feeds used to get published in real time making it avialable to aggregators even before the chosen time.

Here every Hindi Blogger want their post at 5'o clock in the morning (our version of daylight saving :). Gyandutt finally announces that Blogger in draft has plugged all their bugs and now it is working with Blogvani compatibility. Good News I suppose. So see you, with your post tommarrow sharp at 4.59AM :)

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