Kick Bush Out

George Bush, will he be out...sure! But Iraq is not the only place occupied by him. Hindi blogs is also one. Story is that no body knows how but all those who had the Hindi Blogs tag at their blogs discovered to their shock that a no non sense I mean business type, photograph of Bush was posted in place of this tag. To some it was really shocking others just didn't mind. But some like I did. I am not a great hater of Bush [Just a mild hater :)] similarly Gyanduttji is not a great lover of US [Just a mild lover :)] but both our blogs have this Bush at their blogs. Now I removed the Hindi Blogs tag altogether. earlier it looked like this

ScreenHunter_04 Mar. 25 17.41

Now the new character on Hindi Blogdom Dilkar Negi consider it a golden opportunity to do some wise thing. Kick Bush out. Hey you don't get to kick the US president that often :)

So every Ram, Shyam and Sohan is following the Negi's advice and throwing Bush out, from their Blogs to begin with.

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