How to create a Hindi Blog


It is an anchor post for me and I'll keep updating it.

Why this post now?

Because Hindi Blog reporter is incomplete without sucha bread and butter post.  So if you have seen all those blogs and wondered, how these people have made their system work in Hindi. How can we create a blog in Hindi. So here are answers:

Question : What do I need to do to make my computer work in Hindi.

Answer  : Nothing.

              Yes!! you need not do anything to make your system read and display Hindi. If you are working in XP environment, system is fully ready for unicode support. Just start browsing Hindi Stuff, visit Blogvani (or my masijeevi :)) to begin with.

If you have not enabled you XP language setting enabled for hindi input then you can follow this procedure.

Question : How to start a Hindi Blog


Step I

If you have a blogger or google account (If you dont have one, create an account free)  login and create a blog, withoit bothering about language.

Step II

Go to setting >basic> global setting> Enable Transliteration nad enable it to hindi transliteration.

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Step III

There is NO Step III.... Start Blogging. You will write 'post' (when you chose transliteration)  it will show पोस्‍ट. thats it, happy blogging.

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  1. Cyril Gupta  

    10:53 AM

    Hello sir,

    Excellent series, I keep checking it out regularly.

    Keep the articles coming! :)

  2. ruby  

    10:34 PM

    wel...i hv a do u name ur blog in hindi..

    for eg,m already having a blog where i post in hindi nd english as wel..but m unable to name da blog or comment in hindi...

    help me out.

  3. Nakul Jain  

    6:37 PM

    hello sir meri height kam hai par mere mai telent hai kya mere liye media ki line shi he