Sarabjit Singh : Will he be executed

Sarbjit, a terrorism suspect in Pakistan jails for 17 years will be executed in April, unless president pardon him. So will he be executed, indiatime believes he will not -

But I believe the announcement of Sarabjit Singh’s sentence may be another one of Musharraf’s ploys. And it just may not happen.The hastening of Sarabjit Singh’s death sentence may have to do with the situation Pervez Musharraf finds himself in these days. Musharf himself will face prosecution and perhaps death sentence if Pakistan’s ousted chief justice Iftekhar Chowdhury is allowed to take his post back. On the brink of extinction himself, Musharraf, is still a skilled polititician, and knows all too well how to divert media
attention. By ordering to hasten Sarabjit’s death sentence, Musharraf has once again moved Pakistani media’s and public’s attention to an international incident, stealing some of the thunder from the newly elected government.



Hindi blogoshere as usual do not have an opinion on it so far. Otherwise too patriotic to be rational, Hindi Blogosphere expresses its concers through mohallai rhetorics only. Here the execution of Sarbjeet is based on a tutored testiomony. I hope to see a few posts by evening.

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