When is Holi, this year


Plain answer is, like every year it on full moon day of Falgun month i.e. March 21st. That makes it 4 days from now. But Hindi blogosphere is different place altogether. When it comes to festivals, every Hindi blogger make it a point to celebrate it post wise. Now that makes it at least 200 posts. So 200 shades of the festival Holi. You obviously can't do it in a day, so they spread it to atleast a week. By that logic HOLI has already started there. To tell you you the truth I could never conclude, whether I like it or not. Last year there were cartoons, and lot lot lot 'Bura na Mano Holi hai' liberties. In fact Avinash was dragged to the NDTV's blog portal conspiracy, by very elegantly created page snapshot. I am expecting the same this year as well with just one major change- chokherbalis. Ya I hope they are going to bang the fun by conducting the feminist audit of the blog behavior and going by very bhadas nature of the festival itself, most of us will be proven Gyandutts (read patriarchs)

Here Pramod has began Holi with grand Patansheel Podcast

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