News from the sixth pay commission world (of fairy tale) is not very encouraging. Latest News is that Ministry of Finance has constituted a fresh committee to look into the implementation aspects. These implementation pertains to yet be submitted the revision in original Vi pay commission report. committee has half a dozen members and it is constituted in Expenditure Department of Ministry of Finance. Those especially in Armed forces and IPS can hold some hope but to a common employee it only mean that it will delay implementation by atleast six months.

As Karmchari the Hindi Blog for employees informs the term of this committee is six months beginning April 1, so obviously we are looking at somewhere in Nov DEC atleast. Mind it if election are to be held in March (UPA wont even think to prepone elections considering the Price rise scenario in nation) then Dec-Jan is minimum to look for. My advice postpone the car you planned to buy!!

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  1. Sandeep  

    2:14 PM

    Setting up of Implementation Cell, in D/o Expenditure as well as in DOP&T, is a routine development. It was done after 5th CPC too. Implementation of Pay Commission recommendations does take time. Each and every recommendation is examined in consultation with the DOP&T/nodal Ministry e.g. M/o Health for recommendations regarding CGHS/CSMA Rules. Implementation of 5th CPC took 7-8 months. Report was submitted in January 1997. Govt. issued the notification in August. Arrears were paid in October.