Death and Blogging

Bloggers do defer several thing, shopping, groceries, doing dishes, dinner, even sex but what you don't know is they probably defer death as well!

Anil is no average blogger. Now he is talking what Chandrabhushan described as morbidity...may be it is. Realisation we are mortals, we'll die some day...we all do. There is nomination for bank account, policy for life...this that but how about blog. Hey Yamraj hold I just can't die, if I do, what the hell will happen to this blog. So Anil has to defer the death, hmm.

Not everyone agrees that postponement is the god Idea, just go ahead declares the Sameer, I'll keep commenting don't you worry. Ya Ya I'll comment on the old posts itself. :) But No consolation worked Anil just could not die, No blogger will.

Do you think I should follow.

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